Here we go then


Hello everyone

The idea for this site was sparked by having many baseless statistics thrown at me over the years. As a professional medical writer, I don't have the luxury of making things up, so when I read things like "...bias in industry-sponsored trials is common..." or " ...prescribed drugs are the third leading cause of death..." I get quite annoyed that people take them at face value.

The current purpose of this site is to curate links to zombie stats mythbusting, and to discuss various points of view. Though I am absolutely certain that I will be disagreeing with many posts on this site (and agreeing with others!), I would like us to be able to have some grown-up discussions about the evidence that supports the stats that are bandied around by people who really should know better.

I have no idea how this will go - this is an evening and weekends thing for me and all posts are moderated, so be patient while we start out.

Given the nature of the URL, I have no doubt we will attract some proper zombie slayers, and I may even create a playground for them, but for now, I'm focusing on the "8 out of 10 cats" stuff...

Enjoy, and respect.


Also: please bear in mind I'm working out how to use the software as I go along, so things might not be as slick as you might want...

Update: I did quite a bit of playing around and moving things today, so apologies if any older links have stopped working